Thoughtful Neighbors

I am a reporter for my area today. Not much excitement happens here but we do enjoy our lifestyle. One neighborhood in the Bainridge Island community decided to hold a BBQ fundraiser for the watershed. It is the priority issue with the locals and the more money we raise the better. It is all about improving and preserving the status quo. We grow up environmentally conscious in these parts. They had food and beer that they keep cold in a beer fridge. I came to see this as a very handy item. In fact, I am thinking of getting one for summer entertaining when my friends come over to enjoy the weather while waiting for the best grilled burgers in town.

I don’t need one as large as the fundraiser used given the number of people in attendance. I just need to keep my bottles and can cold and at the ready. It beats having to run inside every ten minutes to get a refill for a guest.

At the fundraiser, a good sized crowd was enjoying the spirit of the cause and was engaged in lively conversation as they ate and drank. I thought there would be a panic when the beer fridge seemed to be empty, but no, a truck pulled up alongside and loaded a couple of cases in. It took about a half hour for it to chill to the right temperature. Meanwhile, we had desert and coffee. These fundraisers are frequent given the needs of the watershed and we always have a great time. We count on these events to provide enough funds to keep the eco-system intact. Everyone on Bainbridge Island knows that precious resources must be sustained. It is an issue dear to our hearts and not just an excuse to party. Fortunately, there are a lot of volunteers around to tend to matters. Sometimes we need people experienced in construction and welding. Others learn about what they can do with their skills to help the water supply and habitat for wildlife. Words like ecosystem, wetlands, and climate change roll easily off our lips.b

I will end this blog with a shout out for owning the best beer fridge. If you are looking to treat yourself to something practical that will enhance your social life, this small marvel is the way to go. I had to order my unit online as we don’t exactly stock them on our tiny island. It took me one day to unpack it and have an inaugurating party. Everyone knows everyone here and once word got out, people packed in my yard. The neat cans of beer stood proudly behind the transparent glass door, waiting to be plucked from their chilly habitat. You had to wait in line for the first hour until consumption started to slow down. Thanks to that watershed preservation fundraiser, I discovered something I didn’t have. Once added to my entertaining arsenal, I became a popular fellow.