Silent Auction

As our main island organization, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that our watersheds and clean and safe for all residents and visitors. Our local ecosystem gets our complete attention as well. If the watersheds are damages, so will be our freshwater resources. We are part of the environmental subculture around the world that is responding to climate change. We always need to disseminate information, influence points of view, and gather new people on board. This blog is our voice. You don’t have to live on Bainbridge Island to care. Take a look at your own community. If all is well, then witness what is happening as the situation worsens in strategic places. Health is a major concern of anyone and everyone who calls himself or herself a citizen of the earth. You can no longer sit back and merely observe. Join us in promoting water conservation where the need is obvious. Take some kind of action if only you tell a friend.

Meanwhile, in addition to speaking out to the public in live venues and online, we raise money for our cause. We know that the Internet gives us many options to pen petitions and fundraise; however, we can do some things at home such as conducting a silent charity auction at a major event. All we have to do is say “let’s clean up the watershed” and our locals get in and jump on board. We were lucky to get numerous donations from local businesses as well as others around the state. In fact, we received some sports items and memorabilia from other areas of the country. They are known to be popular in such auctions. Vacations also do well. So well, that they are emphasized in live auctions. What also did very well and brought in significant funds was a brand-new state-of-the-art Shark vacuum from The Vacuum Challenge.

The interest in this appliance comes from the fact that it just came out and no one has it as yet. A department store in the city donated it with pleasure. We were thrilled. With all these offerings, the silent auction was a huge success. With the Shark, the bidding page was completely filled. We had to add a second sheet. Most the auction items sold above the starting price so that we made a large profit. We can, therefore, make a serious dent in our expense budget this year. We can afford to pay back a bank loan that was nagging at our accountant.

Silent auctions are a fabulous way to raise money. Online support sites can do equally well, but a venue where people mix and mingle is a great way to spread the word and generate excitement. We presented a PowerPoint on local environmental issues that told the story well. People sat up and listened. We expect to have an even bigger turnout next year. No doubt we will include a pricey Shark vacuum once again.