Importance of a Watershed

It should be difficult for environmentalists to exaggerate when they’re talking about the importance of a watershed, particularly a healthy watershed. Watersheds are so crucial to the functioning of life on Earth that there should be more awareness about them at least. These are the land areas that drain water resources into various locations, including wetlands, streams, and lakes. The flow of water on Earth is hugely dependent on watersheds of all kinds.

The value of watersheds is estimated at around 450 billion dollars. Managing a watershed can make all the difference when it comes to protecting the water resources upon which life truly depends on every level. It’s estimated that around fifty percent of water resources are actually being impaired at present in spite of the fact that there has been increased awareness about the importance of fresh water resources over the years. With population increases, there is more and more stress on water resources than ever before, and that is only making a lot of present situations worse.

Global climate change is threatening watersheds in a whole new way. People have been worried about watersheds being polluted for a long time. While pollution is still a problem, it actually has gotten better in recent years. The same cannot be said for global climate change. While there have been measures against it, the problems are only increasing. This overarching issue is having a huge effect on water resources and all of the associated dynamics.