Go from Work to Play

It’s time to get practical. I need a new business backpack that will serve me equally well on the job or at play. I am not one to buy two of the same thing just because I have a social life or enjoy weekend camping. It would be easy to have bags for any occasion, but being somewhat economical, I prefer to save money when I can. The benefit of one form of tote is that you can have everything packed inside all the time and not have to change from morning to night.

My business backpack is not that fancy. It’s one that I bought after reading https://www.businessbagreview.com. It is the casual man’s form of modern briefcase. It holds various documents I might need during the day, a couple of protein bars, water bottles, my wallet and car keys, an umbrella, sunglasses, and assorted odds and ends. There is a mini flashlight, a couple of batteries, my cell phone to maintain the Watershed’s Facebook page and my tablet. Most of the same items are useful for going out after work. If I go hiking or camping, I may remove a few things and add a rain poncho and collapsible rubber boots.

I use this same approach for my daily jacket come winter time. It is professional enough to meet with clients and sufficiently heavy duty for camping under the stars. It is compact when folded, waterproof, and easy to clean. These new techno fabrics are amazing. It is a new world out there now for working folk. You can adapt to your environment and lifestyle. There are still certain dictates in corporate America, but not here on Bainbridge Island. You won’t see a business suit for months. We can spot a visitor a mile away.

Sometimes I leave my backpack in the car when I am out in the field inspecting the watershed. My goal is to protect and promote our freshwater resources. It is a noble calling. Meanwhile, I plan my days and nights so I don’t need much time to make the conversion from work to play. This gives me maximum opportunity to relax and prepare for personal recreation. Socializing is easy on the island since we know everyone and converse during the day when we meet one another on the street or in a café. We are a friendly group you could say.

One fateful day I forgot my backpack in the shop of a local merchant. I was delivering some information and we got talking. Time passed and I had to depart. The bag stayed behind. I felt helpless all daylong but I was too far away to retrieve it until nightfall. It was grateful to return to its usual spot by my side. I am sure you feel the same way. We tote our essentials with us to avoid returning to our homes and offices. It breaks up day and is unproductive. I let my backpack be my personal set of drawers, multi-purpose tote, quasi pillow, and security blanket.