Creative Kids

Kids can be so creative. This blog is devoted to a particular example in my area. Our local youth soccer team wants to help cleanup an area of the watershed as a kind of fundraiser. It is an important issue for town folks so I imagine they will get a lot of support. I give them accolades for just thinking about the community. Their intention is to find sponsors for the project. Businesses and individuals will give funds for the trash they collect based on weight. A supporter commits in advance to a certain amount of money per ounce. I find this to be a clever way to organize an event. Their goal is enough to buy new cleats for the entire team. I expect them to surpass their target.

The day of the fundraiser, the kids gathered in one spot in town carrying a banner. People lined the streets to wish them well. It was a great sendoff. Their energy was apparent and spirits high as they headed for the watershed cleanup spot a few miles away. Despite considerable attention to this need, there is much more to do all year round. I have spent a lot of time there myself with like-minded friends. I love to see new recruits in action. It has become a major town enterprise encompassing old and young.

At the end of the day, the soccer kids weighed in with their large bags of trash. It was like a solemn ceremony. They kept adding the funds raised to a running total. They had made a large sign showing their monetary goal in the form of a graph. Each stuffed bag caused the graph to inch toward the top. One after the other, each player submitted to the collection. It all went into an enormous portable garbage bin. It sat as proof of the success of the watershed cleanup project.

After the final offerings, a party was held with a street fair atmosphere. Hamburgers and hotdogs were grilled and vendors arrived with popcorn and cotton candy machines. It was festive and a great way to celebrate the team’s triumph. The kids were ebullient as they responded to the fanfare and praise. They started talking about the kind of soccer cleats they would purchase in bulk for the team and they want the ones from this web site. While local businesses have bought their new jerseys and socks, there was still the issue of shoes left dangling. I like that they were not totally dependent on donations but could do some of the fundraising on their own.

Come match time, the team was ready with the new soccer cleats. Many locals attended the game to cheer the kids on and to witness the fruits of their cleanup labor. Word got out to the local schools and many kids from elementary to high school wanted to find a way to participate. It would just take an organizer to plan the event. All eyes seemed to fall upon me, so of course I had to volunteer.