Health Fair

The booths were lined up on Main Street, one after the other in a neat row like dutiful soldiers at attention. Each one was the same size, although the signs in front differed. Someone no doubt made them because they were of the same proportion and the lettering was in blue.  One to two people manned each booth, sitting behind a table laden with stacks of literature to be distributed to the public. If you zeroed in a little closer, you would notice that there was something familiar about everything. Upon further inspection, you would see that the materials all pertained to health care and the latest technology in therapy and rehab. In front of a few of these booths were demonstration items such as an EKG machine, a blood pressure instrument, and an electric portable neck and shoulder massager like the ones here. The latter was part of a chiropractor’s space which also featured a manual in person professional massage. This was a popular booth indeed with people waiting in line for both the appliance and the pro. If you have ever had a great massage, you would be at the front of the line for sure. It is a heavenly experience that makes most anyone feel better.

Such is a brief description of the Bainbridge Island community health fair, an annual fundraiser for the precious watershed that is threatened with erosion and destruction. Many fundraisers are conducted throughout the year to support the cause. It takes constant attention to keep the watershed intact and thriving. As a long-time friend of the association that mounts these street fairs, I was present for an entire day. I walked up and down the street, stopping now and then to talk to friends and neighbors.  I stood for an hour in the coffee line waiting for some fresh-brewed java, sprinkled with chocolate shavings and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. It was fun as I spent the time chatting with people nearby. It was a good time to promote the watershed in case anyone wanted to make a personal donation.

The day was long and the health fair extended into the night with a potluck dinner and street dance. You can bet that by the end of the evening, my feet were pretty tired. Now where was that massager I saw a while back? Surely he could do feet. When I found him after he had taken a long break, he showed me how the electric portable massager could do the job to soothe achy feet and provide instant relaxation. I was interested and might even have purchased one, but I intended to have the pro work on me, and so he did. He was so good that it distracted a bit from the value of the home massager, but in reality, who goes to have foot massages at the spa given the cost of just one session. I am going to take another look at that self-operating gadget for sure.