Helping the Community Expand their Options

A new community conservation project is underfoot and I am right in the middle of it. In short, I am right where I want to be. You may know that I work locally on my island to promote preservation of our watershed. I belong to several national organizations that sponsor individual efforts to save energy in one’s area by campaigning to the public. There is power in numbers. There are various means to do this well. You can do radio and newspapers ads, particularly effective in small towns, and you can have events with local speakers. Put out flyers and posters and post about it on Facebook. If the mayor or other municipal officials are willing to participate, your turnout will be better. Several of these environmental organizations have prototypes you can follow so you only have to commit to the project and provide a date. They give you all kinds of ideas and publicity stunts. It is all part of a pre-planned package and there is no charge.

Energy consumption is an important issue and I enjoy promoting it as most anyone can do something about it at home. We must draw attention to wasteful practices like leaving lights on all day when no one is home. And then there is the TV on for hours all weekend long. You can also switch out your old water heater for the new more efficient tankless kind. I have a long list of items that are energy eaters, mostly old appliances. A huge part of anyone’s utility bill is the heating and air conditioning system. It is a problem in most climates since there are periods of extreme hot or cold—southern California excepted. It is recommended to keep temperatures at 72 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees or more in the summer. These is a comfortable range for most people. I would give some leeway to the elderly.

But wait! There is more. The Watershed Counsel on my island has started a campaign of its own to get people to choose from this web page a ceiling fan for their home, as an energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioners. I find this to be an exceptional idea. They are inexpensive, unless you want a special decorator model with a solid brass fixture, and easy to install. They look appropriate in most rooms of the house. While one in every room might look a bit foolish, a few strategic places will help cool everyone off when the temperature soars. Ceiling fans come in many finishes and the blades can be wood, plastic or metal as you wish. People enjoy the breeze they generate and the lack of stuffiness in the house when the windows are closed. To help change our evil ways in the community, a local supplier has agreed to discount fans that are purchased specifically to save energy. This is how a grass roots project gets going. Everyone sooner or later wants to help. You can also get on board a recycling train and maximize your efforts.

Health Fair

The booths were lined up on Main Street, one after the other in a neat row like dutiful soldiers at attention. Each one was the same size, although the signs in front differed. Someone no doubt made them because they were of the same proportion and the lettering was in blue.  One to two people manned each booth, sitting behind a table laden with stacks of literature to be distributed to the public. If you zeroed in a little closer, you would notice that there was something familiar about everything. Upon further inspection, you would see that the materials all pertained to health care and the latest technology in therapy and rehab. In front of a few of these booths were demonstration items such as an EKG machine, a blood pressure instrument, and an electric portable neck and shoulder massager like the ones here. The latter was part of a chiropractor’s space which also featured a manual in person professional massage. This was a popular booth indeed with people waiting in line for both the appliance and the pro. If you have ever had a great massage, you would be at the front of the line for sure. It is a heavenly experience that makes most anyone feel better.

Such is a brief description of the Bainbridge Island community health fair, an annual fundraiser for the precious watershed that is threatened with erosion and destruction. Many fundraisers are conducted throughout the year to support the cause. It takes constant attention to keep the watershed intact and thriving. As a long-time friend of the association that mounts these street fairs, I was present for an entire day. I walked up and down the street, stopping now and then to talk to friends and neighbors.  I stood for an hour in the coffee line waiting for some fresh-brewed java, sprinkled with chocolate shavings and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. It was fun as I spent the time chatting with people nearby. It was a good time to promote the watershed in case anyone wanted to make a personal donation.

The day was long and the health fair extended into the night with a potluck dinner and street dance. You can bet that by the end of the evening, my feet were pretty tired. Now where was that massager I saw a while back? Surely he could do feet. When I found him after he had taken a long break, he showed me how the electric portable massager could do the job to soothe achy feet and provide instant relaxation. I was interested and might even have purchased one, but I intended to have the pro work on me, and so he did. He was so good that it distracted a bit from the value of the home massager, but in reality, who goes to have foot massages at the spa given the cost of just one session. I am going to take another look at that self-operating gadget for sure.

Thoughtful Neighbors

I am a reporter for my area today. Not much excitement happens here but we do enjoy our lifestyle. One neighborhood in the Bainridge Island community decided to hold a BBQ fundraiser for the watershed. It is the priority issue with the locals and the more money we raise the better. It is all about improving and preserving the status quo. We grow up environmentally conscious in these parts. They had food and beer that they keep cold in a beer fridge. I came to see this as a very handy item. In fact, I am thinking of getting one for summer entertaining when my friends come over to enjoy the weather while waiting for the best grilled burgers in town.

I don’t need one as large as the fundraiser used given the number of people in attendance. I just need to keep my bottles and can cold and at the ready. It beats having to run inside every ten minutes to get a refill for a guest.

At the fundraiser, a good sized crowd was enjoying the spirit of the cause and was engaged in lively conversation as they ate and drank. I thought there would be a panic when the beer fridge seemed to be empty, but no, a truck pulled up alongside and loaded a couple of cases in. It took about a half hour for it to chill to the right temperature. Meanwhile, we had desert and coffee. These fundraisers are frequent given the needs of the watershed and we always have a great time. We count on these events to provide enough funds to keep the eco-system intact. Everyone on Bainbridge Island knows that precious resources must be sustained. It is an issue dear to our hearts and not just an excuse to party. Fortunately, there are a lot of volunteers around to tend to matters. Sometimes we need people experienced in construction and welding. Others learn about what they can do with their skills to help the water supply and habitat for wildlife. Words like ecosystem, wetlands, and climate change roll easily off our lips.b

I will end this blog with a shout out for owning the best beer fridge. If you are looking to treat yourself to something practical that will enhance your social life, this small marvel is the way to go. I had to order my unit online as we don’t exactly stock them on our tiny island. It took me one day to unpack it and have an inaugurating party. Everyone knows everyone here and once word got out, people packed in my yard. The neat cans of beer stood proudly behind the transparent glass door, waiting to be plucked from their chilly habitat. You had to wait in line for the first hour until consumption started to slow down. Thanks to that watershed preservation fundraiser, I discovered something I didn’t have. Once added to my entertaining arsenal, I became a popular fellow.

Silent Auction

As our main island organization, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that our watersheds and clean and safe for all residents and visitors. Our local ecosystem gets our complete attention as well. If the watersheds are damages, so will be our freshwater resources. We are part of the environmental subculture around the world that is responding to climate change. We always need to disseminate information, influence points of view, and gather new people on board. This blog is our voice. You don’t have to live on Bainbridge Island to care. Take a look at your own community. If all is well, then witness what is happening as the situation worsens in strategic places. Health is a major concern of anyone and everyone who calls himself or herself a citizen of the earth. You can no longer sit back and merely observe. Join us in promoting water conservation where the need is obvious. Take some kind of action if only you tell a friend.

Meanwhile, in addition to speaking out to the public in live venues and online, we raise money for our cause. We know that the Internet gives us many options to pen petitions and fundraise; however, we can do some things at home such as conducting a silent charity auction at a major event. All we have to do is say “let’s clean up the watershed” and our locals get in and jump on board. We were lucky to get numerous donations from local businesses as well as others around the state. In fact, we received some sports items and memorabilia from other areas of the country. They are known to be popular in such auctions. Vacations also do well. So well, that they are emphasized in live auctions. What also did very well and brought in significant funds was a brand-new state-of-the-art Shark vacuum from The Vacuum Challenge.

The interest in this appliance comes from the fact that it just came out and no one has it as yet. A department store in the city donated it with pleasure. We were thrilled. With all these offerings, the silent auction was a huge success. With the Shark, the bidding page was completely filled. We had to add a second sheet. Most the auction items sold above the starting price so that we made a large profit. We can, therefore, make a serious dent in our expense budget this year. We can afford to pay back a bank loan that was nagging at our accountant.

Silent auctions are a fabulous way to raise money. Online support sites can do equally well, but a venue where people mix and mingle is a great way to spread the word and generate excitement. We presented a PowerPoint on local environmental issues that told the story well. People sat up and listened. We expect to have an even bigger turnout next year. No doubt we will include a pricey Shark vacuum once again.

Creative Kids

Kids can be so creative. This blog is devoted to a particular example in my area. Our local youth soccer team wants to help cleanup an area of the watershed as a kind of fundraiser. It is an important issue for town folks so I imagine they will get a lot of support. I give them accolades for just thinking about the community. Their intention is to find sponsors for the project. Businesses and individuals will give funds for the trash they collect based on weight. A supporter commits in advance to a certain amount of money per ounce. I find this to be a clever way to organize an event. Their goal is enough to buy new cleats for the entire team. I expect them to surpass their target.

The day of the fundraiser, the kids gathered in one spot in town carrying a banner. People lined the streets to wish them well. It was a great sendoff. Their energy was apparent and spirits high as they headed for the watershed cleanup spot a few miles away. Despite considerable attention to this need, there is much more to do all year round. I have spent a lot of time there myself with like-minded friends. I love to see new recruits in action. It has become a major town enterprise encompassing old and young.

At the end of the day, the soccer kids weighed in with their large bags of trash. It was like a solemn ceremony. They kept adding the funds raised to a running total. They had made a large sign showing their monetary goal in the form of a graph. Each stuffed bag caused the graph to inch toward the top. One after the other, each player submitted to the collection. It all went into an enormous portable garbage bin. It sat as proof of the success of the watershed cleanup project.

After the final offerings, a party was held with a street fair atmosphere. Hamburgers and hotdogs were grilled and vendors arrived with popcorn and cotton candy machines. It was festive and a great way to celebrate the team’s triumph. The kids were ebullient as they responded to the fanfare and praise. They started talking about the kind of soccer cleats they would purchase in bulk for the team and they want the ones from this web site. While local businesses have bought their new jerseys and socks, there was still the issue of shoes left dangling. I like that they were not totally dependent on donations but could do some of the fundraising on their own.

Come match time, the team was ready with the new soccer cleats. Many locals attended the game to cheer the kids on and to witness the fruits of their cleanup labor. Word got out to the local schools and many kids from elementary to high school wanted to find a way to participate. It would just take an organizer to plan the event. All eyes seemed to fall upon me, so of course I had to volunteer.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Better for the Environment?

Since a young age, I have always been interested in ecology, being green, and preserving the environment. After all, I live on an island where resources must be sustained. This concern extends even to the type of appliances I elect to buy. Recently, I was looking for a new water heater and got to talking to Gus who runs the hardware store. He is pretty knowledgeable on this subject as he was once an installer and repairman in college on the mainland. He counseled me to go tankless and feels that there are more pros than cons after reading I couldn’t even imagine any cons. They are the newest generation of this ubiquitous household necessity. No doubt great thought has been given to their design and functionality. I also predict that they cost more, but it is hardly a con if it is offset by the pros of energy and water conservation.

I believe in technology despite my insistence of planting my own garden and growing food. I walk or bike as much as I can. You feel close to the land when you live near the watershed. I wouldn’t even consider a tankless system if it weren’t better for the environment. I had to overcome an initial objection that this type of unit serves one faucet at a time. In effect, if there are several members of a household, they may have to take turns. This will not be a problem for me, but it is definitely something you will want to take note of. What if you want to take a shower while the dishwasher is running? It means an organized life.

I like the way the compact device mounts on the wall and leaves me more space for storage. The old tanks were huge and bulky: ugly tin monsters that leaked. You constantly had to light the pilot. I was terrified the thing would blow up. An additional con about the tankless style is that you must buy a system large enough to service all the people in your home. If you do, no problem. Also, since it has a high-powered burner, you need to address the venting requirements (meaning a sealed system). A natural gas system involves a costly larger diameter pipe.

Despite a few negatives, there is the big upfront pro: a tankless water heater uses thirty to fifty percent less energy and saves at least $100 on water usage for a typical family of four. I see that they are called “on demand” units which sounds promising and practical. When you turn on a faucet, you signal the device to begin working. You don’t need to keep forty or fifty wasteful gallons in the storage tank. You get as much hot water as you need, even if you have a hot tub. If you had thought about it in advance, you would have selected the jumbo size.

Go from Work to Play

It’s time to get practical. I need a new business backpack that will serve me equally well on the job or at play. I am not one to buy two of the same thing just because I have a social life or enjoy weekend camping. It would be easy to have bags for any occasion, but being somewhat economical, I prefer to save money when I can. The benefit of one form of tote is that you can have everything packed inside all the time and not have to change from morning to night.

My business backpack is not that fancy. It’s one that I bought after reading It is the casual man’s form of modern briefcase. It holds various documents I might need during the day, a couple of protein bars, water bottles, my wallet and car keys, an umbrella, sunglasses, and assorted odds and ends. There is a mini flashlight, a couple of batteries, my cell phone to maintain the Watershed’s Facebook page and my tablet. Most of the same items are useful for going out after work. If I go hiking or camping, I may remove a few things and add a rain poncho and collapsible rubber boots.

I use this same approach for my daily jacket come winter time. It is professional enough to meet with clients and sufficiently heavy duty for camping under the stars. It is compact when folded, waterproof, and easy to clean. These new techno fabrics are amazing. It is a new world out there now for working folk. You can adapt to your environment and lifestyle. There are still certain dictates in corporate America, but not here on Bainbridge Island. You won’t see a business suit for months. We can spot a visitor a mile away.

Sometimes I leave my backpack in the car when I am out in the field inspecting the watershed. My goal is to protect and promote our freshwater resources. It is a noble calling. Meanwhile, I plan my days and nights so I don’t need much time to make the conversion from work to play. This gives me maximum opportunity to relax and prepare for personal recreation. Socializing is easy on the island since we know everyone and converse during the day when we meet one another on the street or in a café. We are a friendly group you could say.

One fateful day I forgot my backpack in the shop of a local merchant. I was delivering some information and we got talking. Time passed and I had to depart. The bag stayed behind. I felt helpless all daylong but I was too far away to retrieve it until nightfall. It was grateful to return to its usual spot by my side. I am sure you feel the same way. We tote our essentials with us to avoid returning to our homes and offices. It breaks up day and is unproductive. I let my backpack be my personal set of drawers, multi-purpose tote, quasi pillow, and security blanket.

Proper Disposal of Medications and Personal Care Products

It’s important for people to avoid contaminating their watersheds. This means that pouring toxic chemicals into the bathroom sink is a very real problem. Many people will do this out of habit. It makes sense. People don’t see the effects on the watershed, which are out of sight and out of mind. However, pouring chemicals down the sink really does not mean that they go away. They’ll contaminate the watershed in the process.

Depending on the nature of the personal care products, people should take them to a hazardous waste center right away. Keeping all of these chemicals stored in a safe place until it’s time to take them to a hazardous waste center is what will usually make sense for the people who are in this situation. A lot of people need to get to the point where they make this sort of thing a hobby, or it is going to be difficult for them to treat their watersheds in a way that is responsible enough.

When it comes to medications, this can be particularly important. Medical waste needs to be disposed of with care. Hazardous waste centers will make plenty of special provisions for the medical waste that exists today.

Of course, people can also prevent some of these issues in different ways. For one thing, they can get to a point where they are using less toxic personal care products in the first place. People who are prescribed certain medications might not have a choice when it comes to whether or not they can use them. There might not be less toxic alternatives available for them at present.

However, in the case of other sorts of personal care products, there should probably be a lot of alternatives that are purely organic and that are going to be healthier for a lot of people in the long run as well. Many of the items that would prove to be toxic to a watershed are often toxic to individuals as well. It is true that the consequences might be comparatively minor for them. However, the toxic aspects of all of these chemicals might manage to cause a lot of long-term issues for the people who are trying to stay healthy.

People who try to stay healthy physically are often environmentally conscious, and visa versa. If it’s possible for them to take toxic personal care products to toxic waste centers on a regular basis, this is what they should do in order to protect the watershed. However, if people are able to stop using these toxic chemicals in the first place, this is obviously the much better alternative.

Odd Jobs we do at the Watershed

When you care about the watershed and the local Bainbridge Island eco-systems, it is often not hard to find volunteers. But given our small population and the fact that people come and go, we sometimes face a shortage. There are groups and individuals around the world who recognize that the climate is changing, faster than you know, and that attention must be given wherever it is needed. Nonetheless, we have to recruit locally and from the mainland. We have a lot of work to do to keep the watershed protected and we welcome anyone who wants to help out for even a day, week, or more. Skilled labor is always in demand since we have projects that involve construction and welding. Quick repairs are necessary from time to time to restore fences and gates around the area.

Given this need, my friends and I decided to have a competition of sorts to stir up new interest. We would advertise in online, in newspapers, on the radio, and by Facebook and email. Success would come only if we reached enough people. We would focus on the health and well-being of the watershed long term and talk about the rewarding experience of assisting with its preservation. First of all, it is a beautiful area and after the work is done, volunteers can enjoy the other assets of the island. You can take bike rides, hike, and otherwise luxuriate in the outdoors. After your chosen form of recreation, you can try our wonderful local fare in cafes and restaurants. Each offers unique dining. We have numerous bars and entertainment venues as well.

Volunteers recruited would receive the opportunity to enjoy staying at a picturesque bed and breakfast inn at no charge. These small hotels have scenic grounds and many wonderful temptations like home-baked cinnamon rolls, wine and cheese evenings, and live music. Even if your heart is totally devoted to water conservation, you would enjoy a vacation on the island that would beat any other location. If you love the sea, you would be in just the right environment.

We received a number of queries and proceeded to answer questions and explain responsibilities. We were most excited about a young college student who owned a welder he said was cheap but reliable and had experience with small jobs. A fence would be no problem. In the end, we recruited ten people who would come at different times during the year. We would prioritize our projects accordingly. Many volunteers were flexible which helped our agenda a great deal.

We now know how to replenish our workers if and when needed. It is always a joy to see new faces roaming around the island. We know everyone and a visitor really stands out. Each volunteer is inundated with cordial greetings and are made to feel at home. The bread and breakfast inns subsidize the project with the help of the local officials and state funding. We have it all worked out.

Adopting a Watershed

People are trying to find ways to help watersheds, which is always a noble cause. It’s certainly an efficient form of environmentalism. A lot of people struggle when it comes to figuring out exactly where they should be focusing their efforts. Many people are in a situation in which they’re struggling to figure out where to focus their efforts. It can be difficult for people to divide their time and money effectively enough when it comes to environmentalism, because it seems like there are so many concerns these days.

Fighting overarching environmental issues is a better idea than trying to fight for specific pet causes. People cannot save an individual species without worrying about the entire habitat. While some people might want to give money in order to save the polar bears, it makes more sense to actually give money to fight global climate change instead, since this is what is actually hurting the polar bears on a broader scale. It’s also hurting countless other species, and that includes humans. People who focus on the broader environmental issues will manage to help a lot of other smaller issues at the same time, and this is how they should focus their efforts.

Adopting a watershed is a great way to help the environment. The people who do this will be helping to preserve the water supply for an entire community. They’ll also be protecting several ecosystems at once in many cases. A watershed will affect a lot of different habitats, so the people who adopt a watershed will be truly helping on a very broad scale in a way that would not work otherwise.

The EPA is actually encouraging people to adopt a watershed, so this is very much the sort of thing that a lot of people are doing with expert approval. While some people scoff at the idea of adopting anything other than a pet or a child, it’s a euphemism that is used in the industry for the people who work at preserving and maintaining a particular area. Watersheds face a lot of threats, and the people who adopt them are able to counteract some of those problems.

All people live in watersheds. There is no way of getting around that at present. People need to find a way to interact with their own environments in a way that is ultimately going to work. Behaving differently in the presence of a watershed while on a watershed can make all the difference in the world for the people who are trying to find a way to stay safe and health long-term.

By adopting a watershed, people are working to address several different environmental problems at once. They’re working to make sure that they protect a lot of different habitats, ecosystems, and all of the species that live there. They’re also working on conserving the freshwater resources that all creatures depend on, including humans.

Some people might want to limit their environmental activism to addressing global climate change specifically. However, it should be noted that global climate change is going to happen to a degree. It is already happening. Mitigation is an important strategy for global climate change. However, people are going to have to work at adapting to the new climate to a certain extent as well. There is no way of getting around the fact that the climate will change to a certain extent.

Global climate change will have a dramatic effect on fresh water resources. People will find that the fresh water resources and fresh water habitats that people took for granted will be threatened by global climate change to an unprecedented degree. Many of the people in this situation should work at finding a way to help humanity hold onto this incredibly important resource, especially now that it is being threatened in a newer and overarching manner. Adopting a watershed is a good way for people to demonstrate that they are trying to fight global climate change in a way that will help to make the planet more livable.

Meet the Inhabitants: Salmon

For a lot of people, it’s much easier to sympathize with environmental causes if they can actually associate them with a face of some kind. People tend to like to think about the animals that are affected in environmental tragedies as well as the people. In the case of the watersheds that are threatened all over the world, sympathizing with the different animals might be slightly more challenging.

There aren’t as many adorable and photogenic animals associated with aquatic habitats. Activists who are working to fight global climate change often use polar bears as symbols. For a lot of people who are trying to preserve the watersheds, using the landscapes as symbols will often be more effective. In some cases, people will try to use recognizable animals like salmon.

People will vary on their opinions of the visual appeal of salmon. Some people think that salmon are visually appealing. Other people might find them ugly. One way or another, most people at least have an opinion on them. There is a lot of press about the health benefits of eating salmon today, given the high omega-3 fatty acid content of of salmon. Many people are interested in eating salmon more often, to the point where wild supplies of salmon are in decline.

A lot of people have positive opinions about salmon as a result of all of the health benefits of consuming salmon in general. This might make people somewhat more positive about trying to protect salmon. A lot of people are in a situation where they will tend to care about the environmental issues that will affect them in general. That is certainly the case with salmon.

Sediments getting into waterways are killing fish directly. In some cases, the increased nutrients in the water will have a tendency to disrupt the ecosystem that the fish need in order to survive, which is only going to cause their numbers to dwindle. However, the sediments that are contaminating the water more directly can cause fish to die. The sediments can literally clog the gills of fish, which can make all the difference in the world when it comes to analyzing the effects of pollution on salmon. It seems that salmon and other fish are strongly being hit with the effects of pollution, and that it is difficult for a lot of people to really trust in the stability of the salmon population as a result.

Many people are in a situation where they are trying to find a way to give back to the environment. In the case of helping salmon, people might decide to consume less of it. However, the vegetarian approach to helping animals is actually not the most effective one when it comes to helping them on a large scale. People need to make sure that they can actually target many of the real threats that are facing the animals. In the case of most animals, habitat loss is always more of an issue than ‘predation’ by humans. Consuming less salmon won’t make much of a difference. Working to stop the watersheds from becoming polluted will make much more of a difference for everyone involved. A lot of people are in a situation where they can truly appreciate the natural beauty of salmon and the watersheds in which they live. These people should try to work to preserve everything in these areas, and they can do this all at once by working to preserve the watersheds.

Obviously, it is true that salmon are the victims of over-fishing. Supporting sustainable fishing practices can make a huge difference for a lot of individuals who want to help. However, it is equally important for people to try to get to the root of the problem. The direct loss of fish and other animals through the destruction of where they live ultimately matters the most.

Protecting a Watershed

There are lots of things that people can actually do themselves in order to help protect a watershed. Obviously, one person doing all of these things will only go so far. However, if enough people do them, then it really can make a huge difference. After all, pollution and global climate change didn’t happen because one person did something. They’re happening right now because of the actions of countless individuals. If countless individuals manage to change their habits, it can have an effect that is just as influential.

People can help to protect their watersheds just by conserving water. Only a tiny portion of the water on the planet is even fit for human use and consumption. It is somewhat shameless that a lot of people use it on the level that they do, and that this has become something of a cultural norm. Taking shorter showers can make a difference. It’s actually still better to take a shower than a bath when it comes to water conservation. However, many people will take showers for a half an hour or even longer, and this tends to waste gallons and gallons of water.

People should never use lawn sprinklers, which use more water than almost anything else and offer very little in return. No one needs to leave lawn sprinklers running in order to nourish the ground. The grass isn’t going to get any greener. People who are using lawn sprinklers are not doing anything constructive. They’re just going to be in a situation where they are wasting a shocking amount of water by over-saturating the ground with fresh water that everyone needs.

Part of protection a watershed involves water conservation. The other part involves the avoidance of contamination. People have a tendency to pour almost anything down the sink and as long as they don’t damage the pipes at all, they think that the substances that they pour down the sink will just disappear. In fact, the people who do this are poisoning local watersheds. People who need to dispose of anything that they think might be toxic will need to go to a hazardous waste center in order to take care of it at once.

Importance of a Watershed

It should be difficult for environmentalists to exaggerate when they’re talking about the importance of a watershed, particularly a healthy watershed. Watersheds are so crucial to the functioning of life on Earth that there should be more awareness about them at least. These are the land areas that drain water resources into various locations, including wetlands, streams, and lakes. The flow of water on Earth is hugely dependent on watersheds of all kinds.

The value of watersheds is estimated at around 450 billion dollars. Managing a watershed can make all the difference when it comes to protecting the water resources upon which life truly depends on every level. It’s estimated that around fifty percent of water resources are actually being impaired at present in spite of the fact that there has been increased awareness about the importance of fresh water resources over the years. With population increases, there is more and more stress on water resources than ever before, and that is only making a lot of present situations worse.

Global climate change is threatening watersheds in a whole new way. People have been worried about watersheds being polluted for a long time. While pollution is still a problem, it actually has gotten better in recent years. The same cannot be said for global climate change. While there have been measures against it, the problems are only increasing. This overarching issue is having a huge effect on water resources and all of the associated dynamics.